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Welcome to the world of FIFA 22

This week the wait is finally over, as of October 1st FIFA 22 is released for all of us out there to play. But what about new features and upgraded elements in the game for this year you ask? Let me tell you everything there is to know about this year's EA soccer game.

First of all, the companion and web app

Every year EA launches the companion and web app right before the game so that you can have an early start with unpacking player cards to use in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) and maybe even transfer them to make some money before you even played the game for a second. This year is no exception and the app has already been released to use for everyone by simply downloading it on your mobile device.

FIFA 22 new gameplay features

EA has been working on a huge development in gaming by using a thing called ‘hypermotion-technology’. This technology is a combination of Machine Learning and Motion Capture. To put it simple, they made movement more realistic by capturing the actual movement of players on a bunch of special cameras. Also these cameras made it possible to put over 4000 new animations in the game, and are likely to bring you a more subtle gaming experience and to have more realistic movement and reaction speed. These cool features are only noticeable on the Next-Gen consoles for now.

If you don't own a PS5, XboX series X/S or stadia you don't have to worry because EA has a lot of other new gameplay features put in the game for everyone to enjoy, we have access to a whole lot of data to improve our skills and on almost every other aspect of gameplay they made changes to improve the experience.

Is there something new in FUT 2022?

Yes there is. but not that much to be honest. Sure they changed the feel and the looks of the menu a little bit as they do every single year but real big changes besides the FUT Heroes aren't making an appearance this year.

We’ve seen the FUT icons now for a couple of years but this year they came up with a new type of playercard, FUT Heroes. These Heroes are a lot like the Icons but are players that made a big impression on the pitch the last decade or so. In total there are 19 Heroes available in FIFA 22 from the release of the game but like the Icons, the Heroes can be added throughout the year after updates.

Ratings of the players in Fifa 2022

Last year the highest ranked player in the game was Lionel Messi, and this year is no exception to that. Messi ended up just ahead of players like Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Gamemodes FIFA 2022

In FIFA 22 we find all of the game modes we are familiar with from FIFA 21. The expectations are EA to throw in some ‘temporary modes’ through the year as they did in the previous game as well.

A major change is within the career mode of the game. As of this year it is possible to make your own team out of scratch and climb the ladder of success with this fictional squad.

Last but not least is Volta. This mode was a lot of fun at first in FIFA 21 but started to annoy me a little after playing for a while for not having enough depth. This is why EA made this mode a lot more attractive by developing an arcade version of Volta with a lot of party games to explore with your friends or by yourself.

What does this tool do?

All we do actually is trying to make the night with your friends playing FIFA exciting again. Instead of always losing to that same friend who is using PSG or Bayern Munich, try to let the faith decide the teams you both choose by generating a random match with our tool.

Frequently asked questions

Is the tool free to use?

Yes it is!

Are all the teams of the game actually in this tool?

Off course they are, all 758 of them.

Can I save the results of matches we’ve played?

Yes you can, by simply clicking the ‘save result’ button after generating a match you can fill in the blanks of the score and even whom you played against (only registered users)

I only want to play with the worst possible teams, how do I do that?

Very easy, by choosing the team's strength right before you generate a match, put the minimum and maximum strength on 0,5-1 stars and let the tool do the magic.