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What is Warzone Drop Generator?

Warzone drop generator is an online tool to randomize drop locations in Verdansk.

The city of Verdansk

Welcome in the world of Warzone. The game is played in a city called Verdansk and is the biggest battle royale map there is at the moment. The map is very similar to the one you play in while in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a few adjustments made to optimise the battle royale experience.

What is call of duty: Warzone about?

Similar to every battle royale game, the meaning of this is to survive a great amount of players and get the "victory royale".

In Warzone you play with 150 people at the same time in a large map called Verdansk, with a whole lot of areas to go to, like the port, the tv station, the park, lumberjack or the dam. You start your adventure in a plane which is flying over the map in a straight line and you are the one to decide where to jump out of it.

After jumping from above, you skydive towards the ground and when the time is right you open your parachute. Until this point it’s pretty basic to every battle royale game we’ve come across, but the great difference is that in this particular one there is a little sauce of Call of Duty covering the experience, which is great if you ask me!

The whole game just feels like you are playing a normal multiplayer game but now you have to search for loot that is in crates all across the map to retrieve better weapons and armor. So there is no advantage in leveling or have the best weapons from the start, everyone is equal in this pearl of unreal, of course experience will give you the advantage you need to win this, but there is a whole lot more to than just be the best to win this.

Second chances in Warzone

If you die in Verdansk, you get a second chance to survive by going to the gulag (this is the police station, south of the map). After you got killed you find yourself in a hallway which is overseeing an area that looks like a bathroom or something, if you look closer you see 2 people fighting to death in there.

When it’s your turn to make the best of this second chance you spawn in the fighting area below to have a man to man fight with another player who was just recently killed. The winner of this fight will get his second chance and therefore goes back to Verdansk. The loser obviously is game over at this point and will have to start all over. Be careful with this given opportunity, because there are no third chances!

Warzone or Fortnite?

Since they’re both battle royale games, it may be worth to compare them. My personal opinion is that Fortnite is more popular (280 million players over the world) at the moment because of the enormous amount of kids playing this game every single day.

Warzone is still upcoming (55 million players within the first month) due to the previous release of it. But the title is more appealing to the more adult gamers. Fortnite is cartoonish as warzone is more realistic. The blood floathing around and the realistic weapons makes that this is one hell of a game if you love the multiplayer of Call of Duty. Conclusion: both games are great, the difference is in the detail but for every gamer, young or old is something at the market right now!