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Frequently asked questions

What is brawl stars?

Brawl stars is a phone app that allows you to 'brawl' with other players. There are multiple game modes which I'll describe later on this page. For every win you'll get a number of trophies and coins that you can spend building your team of brawlers.

How to get started with brawl stars?

You start of with Shelly, she's the first brawler in the game, gained at 0 trophies. The further you go in the game the more brawlers you get, each with his/her own special ability and attack to use.

Is Brawl Stars free?

Yes it is, unfortunately like any other free-to-play game with in-app selling it's way faster to gain xp and brawlers if you do pay for it. When you buy the brawl pass you get more rewards and a higher chance to be gifted with a legendary brawler in one of the boxes the gift you after completing a quest or a different tier.

What game modes does Brawl Stars have.

There are numerous different game modes you can compete in and underneath is a little description of each of the modes.

Gem grab

This mode is all about getting the gems that pop out of the ground in the middle of the map. Ff you manage to get 10 of them with your team the countdown clock starts from 15 seconds and when it reaches 0 and still have all the gems in your team you win.

Brawl ball

Looks a lot like your average game of soccer. When you have the ball all you have to do is to kick it in the opponents goal, by using your normal attack you give the ball a normal kick and for the super move you will really send it flying. Score 2 times and the match is yours.

Solo showdown / duo showdown

The showdown modes are the most basic kind of brawl stars games.You start off with a number of players or teams and the last one standing wins the game.

Hot zone

Hot zone looks a bit like 'capture the flag'. There are 2 zones that you need to claim for your teams color by standing on it for a long time so the percentage meter fills until it reaches 100%. Of course when you stand in a zone you are the player to beat, and there's no way you can stand still for very long until the come after you guns blazing.


In this mode, both teams have a safe in their own spawning area, the goal is to destroy the opponents team's safe without getting killed or getting your own safe damaged to pieces. the one who destroys the safe first wins, but when the timer runs out and both the safes are still there, the team with the most damage dealt wins the match.


When you defeat an enemy, the stars above your head increases with one, the maximum amount of stars (bounty) a player can have is 7, collect the most stars per team when the clock runs out and you win the game.

Robo bandits

This game mode is all about surviving waves of robots coming for your safe. The goal is to protect your safe and destroy all robots, each wave they come with bigger amounts and more different directions making it harder to prevent them from getting to your safe.

Big game

This is a 5 against 1 game, but not as easy as it sounds at first. There is one big brawler in the game and the 5 normal ones who try to defeat him, the big brawler has a huge damage and hitpoint advantage to stay alive. As one of the 5 small brawlers it is your duty to take down the big one as fast as possible.

Boss fight

Get in the ring with 2 teammates against one giant robot, you respawn every time getting killed for so long at least one of you remains, if all brawlers are out of the game at the same time, it's game over for you guys. Every time you kick the robot's a$$ it increases in challenge level.

How to use the brawl stars generator?

The use of this tool is very straight forward. If you can't decide which brawler you want to play with you can simply click on the button 'Generate brawler' and it will show you one of the brawlers available. If you like some more info on one of the brawlers you can navigate to underneath the generated brawl star to see the entire list of brawlers, simply click on one of them and there is a little story to get to know them better, also there are 2 little videos per brawler to show each of the moves/attacks they master.