Fortnite Crew campaign image

What is Fortnite Crew?

Fortnite is bringing a whole new subscription to the table, and this is what you get as a member!

With a new season almost being released, Fortnite is hot topic as usual. But not only does Epic Games rejoice us with this update, but also with a new subscription for the game. If you are willing to spend 12 USD (or Euro) a month on the game, you are one of the lucky members of 'the Fortnite crew' and will get a whooping 1.000 V-Bucks every single month stored in your account. But there’s more...

A subscription with exclusive features

If you are a Fortnite crew member you will not only receive monthly V-Bucks, but some really rare benefits as well. For instance, you will receive some exclusive characters, skins and equipment that none of the players who aren't a member of the Fortnite crew can ever obtain. Members of the Fortnite crew are also being given the newest Battle Pass. This feature is available from December 2nd.

First of the benefits

Epic has already given a preview of the first exclusive skin that subscribers will receive. The name of this outfit is Galaxia and is available as of the moment you subscribe. The second of these highly exclusive skins will be revealed somewhere around the end of this year.

Only for the fans!

This new subscription is a nice addition to the game for the die-hard fans out there. Fortnite players were already able to buy the Battle passes for 950 V-Bucks that will last for months. So Fortnite crew is more expensive but it also has a lot more to offer. Epic also points out the fact that there is no way that non subscribers will get the exclusive skins that subscribers will get, so it’s also a status symbol to wear one of those.