Master Chief joins the crew!

Get that man out of the freezer!

Just a few hours ago I’ve started Fortnite for the first time today and was partially shocked and partially excited that a video started when I was expecting the home screen. The video started not that special with a fish walking through a grocery store (or a gas station of some sort) opening the freezer and looking into the helmet of one of the greatest legends ever roamed the earth of gaming… Master Chief!

Big guy for a big price

This video seemed to be a big announcement video for a new character in the game. Unfortunately you cannot play as Master Chief for free and it will cost you a great dime if you are just as hyped as i am to use this one immediately. There is a discount available at the moment though, but it will only last for the rest of today.

Master Chief Fortnite

Halo meets Fortnite

Needless to say, Master Chief was the main character of the XboX exclusive game; "Halo" and was first to be launched in 2002. After the first game, many others have been released with the latest one in 2018. "But why does Halo meet his appearance in Fortnite now" do you ask? Well, that answer is very simple. The developer of Halo (Xbox Game Studios) is currently very busy developing a brand new version of the game, it’s called; "Halo: Infinite" and is due to be released somewhere around the fall of 2021. A lot of companies made it clear that a cooperation with Fortnite is great to get some attention for your product, that’s why Xbox Game Studios also made it's way to Epic Games’ Fortnite!