Fortnite Season 4 characters

The new season of Fortnite’s chapter 2 is here, but what can we expect?

As we follow a few of Epic Games’ tweets with some teasers in it, the name of this season will be ‘NEXUS WAR’ and is completely devoted to some of Marvels top notch characters.

What is the theme of Fortnite season 4?

Fortnite season 4 is getting a Marvel theme, that will involve the superheroes of the series compete in this Fortnite season. Earlier this week Epic games brought some teasers into the world showing pictures of some superheroes and a comic that you can read in-game about Thor and Galactus coming to the island while Thor suffers from amnesia. Also, Mjolnir was found a little south of Salty springs, which is the hammer of Thor himself. Besides that we saw a picture of Wolverine, they will all be a part of the story and form the inspiration for the items you can collect with the Battle Pass.

Fortnite is trying something new, by making a lot of characters join forces

In the Story trailer we witness Bifrost who summons multiple Marvel heroes to join the island of Fortnite to help Thor, in this trailer we also see Iron Man and Wolverine.

Epic games also has released a Battle Pass trailer that shows a lot of the different items we can play for when owning the Battle Pass. There are items for Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Groot, Storm and many more.

As we said, this season is one you are very familiar with, Superheroes. in previous seasons we have played with Deadpool and Aquaman, being part of Marvel and DC Comics respectively. It looks like Epic Games is doing this trick once more, but now a whole bunch of superheroes are all together in one season, which has never been done before.

Right on time, for the first time this year

Unlike the previous seasons, season 4 is being released just as it was planned, on August 27th, Epic Games confirmed this.

What is there to play for in the new season of Fortnite?

As usual, all of the challenges from season 3 will disappear and make place for the new ones. So we recommend getting all the things you still want to get before season 4 kicks in. It looks like this season you can play to unlock Wolverine in some weekly challenges, as we did for Aquaman in the previous season.

This season is likely to be unavailable for iOS players

Due to the lawsuit from Epic vs. Apple, you can’t get this latest update when playing on any of the iOS devices making this the first Fortnite season not playable on every platform available. So if you usually play on iPhone, iPad or Mac it looks like tough luck for now until both parties put down their swords.